5 Tips to Save Energy Consumption in Your Home

Heating and cooling our homes is a huge task. Therefore, the decisions do make concerning our cooling, ventilation mechanisms may end up accumulating huge costs. It is challenging to find ways of cutting down the cost, yet these services are essential. However, we may consider the following tips to help save on energy consumption.

1. Thermostat: Consider reducing energy consumption by turning down the thermostat even by just a degree. Doing this reduces energy consumption by up to 10%. In fact, you will not even notice the difference in room temperature whenever you have reduced the temperature by a few degrees. If there is an air conditioner in a room you are not using, it is advisable to switch the thermostat off too.

2. Economic washing: The washing machines consumes a lot of energy. It is therefore advisable that you only use it when necessary. Do not wash every piece of cloth by itself; rather, wait until they are more than 3 pieces so that you can wash them together.

3. Air filters: All the air filters should often be changed during the summer or winter seasons. Never use an air filter for over 3 months. The reason behind changing these water filters is that when dirt accumulates on them, they slow down their operations. Maintenance also helps reduce or eliminate the costs that you would incur in repairing the equipment.

4. HVAC: It is advisable to ensure that you have tuned up the HVAC equipment each year to improve on gas mileage. This will always help improve on your comfort and efficiency. Proper use also helps in saving energy.

5. Ensure that your ducts are sealed: heating and cooling ducts are one of the major energy consumers. Be ready to seal all the spaces detected in ducts. In addition, use insulating material to cover them and reduce them from losing heat or cool air.