DIY Tips For Mending a Tiled Roof

Ever needed to mend a roof by yourself but you just do not know how or where to start? Well, if you have a tiled roof, here is your breakthrough. Ensure that you understand every part before you practice on a real roof. Failure to do so and you may end up damaging your roof instead of repairing it.

Step #1

Tiles preparation

Before you begin installing or repairing a tile, you need to loosen its caps. Begin by removing the loose caps from the mortar. Make the roof clean by sweeping. With an angle grinder, remove old bedding chips since they are stubborn. After nailing a flathead galvanized nail, attach pieces of tiles. Finish by securing with a wire.

Step #2

Mortar combination

Take a piece of chalk and mark lay caps. Add water to sand and cement in the ratio of 4:1 respectively. Ensure that the mixture is creamy. Between the chalk lines you have drawn, lay mortars, which are sausage shaped.

Step #3

Laying of ridge caps

By keeping the mortar 20mm thick, press the cap at the peak of the tile. Lay down the caps and fill all the spaces. With the mortar, flush all cap edges. Wait to dry.

Things that you need to do to get mortar makeover include

  • Within 50 minutes, mix only three buckets of mortar. Ensure that the ratio is correct all the time to get the creamy effect.
  • Use a simple amount of mortar that will fix two caps together and the process will take 10 minutes only
  • For workable consistency, add water at short intervals to the mortar
  • Ensure that the mortar sticks perfectly and whenever the trowel tilts it is able to slide off
  • Be smart and clean whenever you are applying mortar to any cap