Electrical Work

We have a service and maintenance department where we repair and troubleshoot appliances. We also do work from our premise or from your home. We service the following kinds of generators:

  1. Gasoline generators
  2. Propane generators
  3. Diesel generators

Tent Installation

We offer straightforward tent solutions. We deal with different tent installations, which include marquee tents among many other options. We know people shy away from custom-made tents since they are expensive. We do tent making according to your budget and we are considered the best tent makers in Johannesburg. We are experienced in making adjacent wall tents, high on deck tents and ground tents.



We make leisure kitchen sinks in South Africa. We work with the biggest suppliers and we conform to quality. Our brands are modern and consistent. All the kitchen sinks that we install are guaranteed to last for many years to come. Our kitchens provide great performance every single day.



We are professional deep carpet cleaners. We offer emergency restoration services whenever we are asked to. We operate our cleaning services in homes, offices and outdoor areas. Our vans will carry the tools we require right to your doorstep. We have highly trained technicians who work 24/7.